India has a technological prowess in medical science and technology which is as good as the best in the world. To convert our phenomenal economic growth, high quality medical care and available technology into social well-being and happiness, one of the most  important steps is identification, assessment and progressive uptake of innovations developed and successfully implemented in India.  Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has encouraged piloting and scaling up of innovations and good practices to improve health outcomes. It is an essential part of National Rural Health Mission/National Health Mission and the states are supported to pilot & field test innovations.  NHSRC served as technical secretariat for Sector Innovations Council for  Health, a part of Innovation Council. These are being encouraged through national consultations to reward good practices and innovations. The government has provided more support to states through its National Health Mission. There is a need to systematically identify innovations which can have a high impact to address morbidity and mortality and facility their prompt scale up these through a platform, which would provide repository, learnings, information on enabling milieu and cross-learnings.